Christie HectorHughes

Director of Operations

Christie started her career with Dewey, McDonald & Carrillo, Inc. in 2017 and she has been an invaluable member of the team ever since. As our Director of Operations, Christie keeps the office running efficiently, makes sure the clients are taken care of and takes care of all the needs of our staff. Christie is a natural problem solver. Before coming to DMC Christie was a small business owner for many years. This gives Christie a keen intuition when it comes to management, helps Christie relate to our clients who own or are considering starting up a small business. In addition, it gives her the experience of patiently managing difficult situations. 

Christie completed her Associates Degree many years ago but to better serve our team and our clients, Christie has completed management and Human Recourses courses through Pryor University. She has certifications in both. She has also completed many hours of ethics, safety, human resources and California small business management training seminars and workshops in the last five years. These courses and training seminars keep Christie up to date and make her a strong and effective manager.

In her free time Christie is all about her four children and her three perfect grandchildren. She spends as much time with them as possible and you may have to hear her brag about them from time to time. Christie loves California. She loves exploring our beautiful beaches, deserts, and mountains. She may not like the traffic, but it won't ever scare her away. She is a big football fan. Be sure to ask her about Sunday's games when you come in, she loves it.

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