Christie HectorHughes

Director of Operations

Christie is Julia's sister.  Watch out!  Like Julia, she was raised in a family of 10 and learned hard work as a child.  Christie is an expert at cleaning up other peoples' messes.  She was the most nurturing of the eight kids which is why she later had four kids of her own.  Her skill for balancing schedules, running errands, and problem solving makes Christie an invaluable member of our team.

 Christie began her career at Dewey McDonald and Carrillo as a high caliber administrative staff member, but due to her skill and remarkable efficiency at navigating complex situations, quickly advanced and became the office's Director of Operations.

Christie has managed the office for over four years now and has since achieved certifications in HR and Management. She also attended many hours of San Bernardino County webinars on safety and compliance to ensure that our staff and clients are as safe as possible during there uncertain times.

Service, service, service - that's what DMC is all about and so is Christie. She keeps DMC's shelves fully stocked so she can make you the prefect drink when you arrive. With her professional yet fun attitude, Christie always knows how to tend to all of our clients' needs. Always positive, Christie keeps things running smooth and fast.  Just try to keep up!

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