Carmalena Barreras


Carmalena is one of the first people you will meet here at DMC! She is our newest addition. Though she is new to the financial and tax world, she is a quick learner and has been training nonstop to further her knowledge.  Carmalena has an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration and a Certificate in Business Administration with a Real Estate Concentration from Riverside City College, as she graduated in Fall of 2022.

Carmalena has great attention to detail, is fast paced, and SUPER friendly, which is perfect for our office. She dedicates herself to learning more every day to better serve our clients. She loves chatting to everyone and learning about their lives and what they do. You have a question? Call in and she will make sure it gets answered.  There is a good chance she will also be the last person to help you before you head out. Not sure if you have your appointment scheduled for next year? Carmalena can help.

Outside of the office, Carmalena enjoys watching Marvel & Star Wars movies, caring for her large collection of plants, and traveling through the different lands at Disneyland. If you have any questions about Disney, she is your go to Disney enthusiast and if you really want to win her over bring her a large, iced tea or some noodles.

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